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Using Compost In Your Yard

There are a wide variety of applications for compost on your lawn, garden, trees, and planting beds. The amount of compost you need for a particular use will depend on the quality and condition of the soil, the type(s) of plants to be nourished.

Typical Compost Application Rates

Approximate Rate
New grass establishment
3 - 4 inches
Till in to a depth of 4 – 6 inches, depending on soil texture.

Lawn maintenance

1/8 – ½ inch
Aerate compacted soil before applying.
Apply mid-April and/or mid-October according to need

Planting bed preparation

4 - 6 inches
Till in to a depth of 6 – 10 inches.

Planting trees

Mix 50% compost into backfill soil.
Rough up edges of planting hole before backfilling

Mulching around trees and shrubs

3 – 4 inches
Apply out to drip line. Leave bark and root crowns of trees exposed